Tennis Elbow

      Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

is a common overuse type injury that both athletes and every day individuals experience. Athletes typically affected by lateral epicondylitis participate in sports such as tennis, fencing, golf, pitching (baseball, fastball and softball) and javelin throwing.

     Don't play tennis (or any sport) but experiencing symptoms or gotten the diagnosis of tennis elbow? First things first, start off by facing your left palm in the same direction your chest is facing ( this is anatomical neutral ).

anatomical neutral - elbow

     The forearm muscles on the palm side are referred to being anterior (front) while the forearm muscles in the back are called posterior. Those posterior forearm muscles are responsible for the tennis elbow symptoms you're experiencing.

     Locate the elbow crease on your left arm,  then move upwards an inch or two (and on the side farthest away from your body) towards your shoulder. If you poke that spot, you may experience some pain if you're currently experiencing tennis elbow. 

     Out of instinct, most people will apply pressure to the meaty part of their forearm thinking that's where the pain originates. 

Tennis elbow

Is it worth it to get an elbow brace?

     There are many opinions when it comes to orthopedic bracing. Based on my experience and knowledge, I'll share the details and let you decide what's best based on your situation.

Elbow braces specific for medial or lateral epicondylitis are called counterforce irritation bands ( or CF band). The brace works by applying pressure to the meaty part of forearm muscle below the crease of your elbow. In clinic, I try to explain to patients that just because "X" marks the spot (where they are experiencing the pain) does not necessarily mean that is where the pain is stemming from.

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