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How to Properly Ice After Your Athletic Therapy Session:

P.I.E.R. Principle: 

Pressure - Apply pressure with tensor.
  • This will help to limit any space available for swelling to fill.
Ice - Apply cold pack or ice.
  • Slow down blood flow.
  • Reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, bruising (contusions) and redness.
Elevation - Elevate the affected limb/joint above heart level.
  • Uses gravity to limit swelling from pooling in extremities (limbs).
Rest - Rest the limb.
  • ~10-15 minutes on.
  • ~45 minutes off.
  • Ice once per hour for ~24 - 48 hours (~1-2 days).Or as many times as you possibly can.
What You Will Experience When You Ice/ P.I.E.R. (in order of appearance): Cold Burning Aching Numbness
  • Remove ice BEFORE the area starts feeling numb. 
  • HUNTER’S RESPONSE occurs >20 minutes (or when area has been cold for too long), benefits of icing are REVERSED.
  • Your body will increase the blood flow to that area to warm/ prevent any damage from the cold.
Hope that helps!

Minimizing the Effects of Jet Lag


  • Depart for trip well rested.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration (b/c dry, high altitude, low-humidity cabin air).
  • Reset watches according to the new time zone after boarding the plane.
  • On arrival, immediately adopt the local time schedule for training, eating, and sleeping. Forget about what time it is where you came from.
  • Avoid using alcohol before, during, and after travel.
Traveling West:
  • Get up and go to bed 1 hour later for each time zone crossed when traveling west.
  • Eat light meals early and heavy meals late in the day.
  • Consume caffeine in coffee, tea or soda.
  • Exercise/ training should be done later in the day.
  • Get as much sunlight as possible on arrival.
Traveling East:
  • Get up and go to bed 1 hour earlier for each time zone crossed when traveling east.
  • Eat heavy meal earlier in the day.
  • Caffeine should be avoided.
  • Exercise/ training should be done earlier in the day.

Principles of Athletic Training, William Prentice, Daniel D. Arn

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