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Many ways to heal

Injuries, illness, pain, etc. need more than physcial healing. Athletic therapists help their patients (no matter their physical capabilities) to be stronger and smarter than before their injury. What many people aren't aware of is how the mental component compliments the physical healing. 


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Health, Medicine & Pandemic

Step by Step Guides

Athletic Therapist, Melissa Deonaraine shows you the basics for pandemic life.  With 300+ videos on her YouTube channel, Melissa has something for everyone whether it's stretching, exercises, how your body works, how to tape and splint your body plus so much more. 

No more foggy glasses!

Whether you're wearing safety goggles, or eye glasses + goggles, this life hack will help make your day go a little smoother. 

Look like you know what you're doing.

Don't get caught wearing your mask upside down! (It's been some time but amazingly people still show up wearing their masks improperly.

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What are essential items to carry on your person when in public?

Don't leave your home without these essential items to protect yourself and your everyone else you come in contact when in a public setting to limit the spread of the corona virus.

Hand washing. Simple yet effective.

Did you know that when you wash your hands properly that you're able to get a lot of the dirt and grime from under your fingernails that may carry germs?

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