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Understanding your insurance plan

  • Patients can look up their insurance coverage details signing on to to review services included in their plan.

  • Many MB Blue Cross plans require a prescription from a medical doctor (MD) or nurse practitioner (NP).

  • Prescriptions from your MD or NP are valid 364 days from the date it was issued. 

  • Larger portion of service fee billed directly to MB Blue Cross on your behalf. Patient pays the lesser amount to the clinic.

Information Required for Direct Billing

  • Certificate number

  • Patient first name

  • Patient last name

  • Date of birth

  • Relationship to plan member

University of Manitoba Students

  • Health & Dental plan included for all full time University of Manitoba students at both Fort Gary and Bannatyne campus

  • Insurance plan can be combined with other health benefit plans (coordination of benefits).

Blue Cross certificate number:

  • 88 + 7 digit student ID

  • 88 x x x x x x x

University of Winnipeg Students

  • International students are registered with Manitoba Blue Cross for health coverage. 

  • Athletic therapy services are not included with your Manitoba Blue Cross plan.

  • Please contact the University of Winnipeg Student Association to discuss options for add-on paramedical services.

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