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What to know...

What we do:

  • Collect information from the patient about what's going on, observe  how the patient moves, and use orthopedic physical assessments (what sport medicine doctors do)  to make a differential diagnosis for affected area.

  • Educate the patient about their injury, how the body works and why their body isn't moving at it's optimal functionality.

  • Our initial focus is reducing pain so that we can restore function and mobility. 

  • 3rd party direct billing available.

What's expected of the patient:

  • If you don't understand what is being explained, please let your athletic therapist know so that they can explain in a way that makes sense to you. Follow custom home program - deviating from the exercise prescriptions may fatigue or not challenge the areas your athletic therapist wants to focus on.

  • Make notes to ask questions at the beginning of your appointment to review with your athletic therapist. 

  • Make the effort to follow what's asked of you. Patients expecting results but not following recommendations from their treating athletic therapist won't see improvements. Your athletic therapist only has you in the clinic for a small amount of time; working on your home programs help with your injury progression allowing the athletic therapist to do more in the clinic than just address your pain.

Benefits of 90 minute sessions:

  • Some patients need the extra time for their body to reach a certain point for the manual therapy techniques to be effective due to chronicity and other factors.

  • Multiple areas to be addressed.

  • Unable to attend consistent appointments.

Taping sessions includes:

  • Taping supplies

  • Assessment of joint(s) pre/post taping application(s).

  • Modifications as-needed

Not included:

  • Groin wrap

Initial Assessment

Service Time:          60 minutes

Service Fee:            95.00 (Including GST)

Details:                   30 minute assessment of injury

                                30 minute treatment

Follow-Up Treatment

Service Time:           60 minutes

Service Fee:             85.00 (Including GST)


Service Time:           90 minutes

Service Fee:             130.00 (Including GST)

Prophylactic Taping

Athletic Taping

Service Time:            30 minutes

Service Fee:               35.00 (Including GST)

Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping

Service Time:            30 minutes

Service Fee:               45.00 (Including GST)

  • Create a profile to book, cancel or reschedule upcoming  appointments.

  • 24 hours notice required for cancellations.

  • Completion of covid-19 pre-screening survey no longer required by patient (and support personnel) before entry in the clinic

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Service Fee:                390.00 (Including GST)

Total Savings:             35.00

Billing Type:                Prepaid

Direct Billing:              Not available

Expiry Date:                None


Service Fee:                735.00 (Including GST)

Total Savings:             115.00

Billing Type:                Prepaid

Direct Billing:              Not available

Expiry Date:                None


Service Fee:                845.00 (Including GST)

Total Savings:            175.00

Billing Type:                Prepaid

Direct Billing:             Not available

Expiry Date:                None

All new patients will receive an email prior to their scheduled appointment time to complete clinic paperwork from secured Adobe documents. We need adequate time to review the information received and confirm details for any 3rd party insurance billings especially for patients who require a prescription from a medical doctor before their appointment.

Great way to spread out insurance coverage getting the most for your money and keeping on a budget

Details for athletic therapy clinic packages: 


Patients may share prepaid athletic therapy sessions with other individuals. Purchaser must inform Academy Athletic Therapy Inc. of the name of the individual(s) allowed to use the purchaser's prepaid athletic therapy sessions. 


Patients will receive a receipt summary that will include the payment date, name of individual receiving athletic therapy treatment, reduced service fee amount, service provider (including license number) for submission to their insurance provider. 

  • Direct Billing unavailable with athletic therapy package deals.

  • We'll provide you with a summary of redeemed treatment dates for you to submit to your insurance provider.

  • Purchaser cannot submit invoicing for advanced payment for any package deal listed above to their private insurance company until services have been rendered (ie. must attend treatment to receive reimbursement from private insurance company).

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Learn more about the services we provide

Everyone is unique and different, which is why we have a variety of therapy skills and tools to help achieve your goal. If one skill/tool doesn't work, we'll try something else to see how the body responds because we want to maintain the progress we've gained to keep you moving.

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