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The content below is not meant to replace assessments and diagnoses from trained medical professionals. The content being shared is a visual resource that compliments custom home programs created by certified athletic therapist, Melissa Deonaraine CAT(C), for patients whom she has physically assessed and treated in clinic. Always check with your medical provider before trying content found on the internet is safe for you to try. 


Groin & Hip

Gravity Resisted Quadriceps Exercise

The quadriceps (or commonly referred as "quads") muscles work to straighten your lower leg (assists with knee extension - think straightening your leg)

Hamstring Floor Exercises

We learned from our Principles of Resistance Training course that exercise machines are easy to cheat by arching your back, shifting your weight,  adding items such as towels to prop the body, etc. Learning how to properly move through the proper ranges of motion can be a challenge. 

Tip: You should feel muscle soreness in the area of the name of the exercise. If you feel muscle soreness in areas besides your hamstrings for this exercise then you will be to reevaluate your technique. 

Hip Bridge

I've had patients in the clinic arching their back to lift their hips as high as they can off the ground. If you read the descriptor from the exercise above, you'll want to make sure you feel the muscles in your  buttocks and hip working. This is why I have patients seek reconditioning programs to help them improve their mobility and function while making sure they can achieve their goals. If a patient feels discouraged with an exercise, I will modify the current exercise or change the exercise completely and return to the previous exercise when I'm confident that the patient is capable of performing what's required. 

Floor Hip Circuit

This exercise is low impact, doesn't require any equipment, and uses minimal energy compared to other hip exercise. This exercise can be a bit tricky with the setup which is why I prefer going through the body positioning and making sure the patient can feel the area(s) we're targeting with that exercise. 

Back & Hip Floor Exercises

Here are some basic exercises to strengthen the posterior (back side) muscles of your back and hips. Only move within ranges you can tolerate, that doesn't mean you do nothing and have a nap on the floor. 

3 Level Hip Workout

I'm using fabric resistance loop bands to do these exercises. This is the Cadillac of resistance loop bands since they have grip on the inside, some styles have an adjustable length, and most importantly doesn't slide down every time you move.

NB - Narrow foot placement would likely cause any resistance loop band to slide down your legs due to gravity and sometimes the shape of your lower extremity.

Hip Adductor Strengthening

Saved the best for last on this page. Oh the many inner thighs just aching and quivering from thinking about performing this exercise! People tend to strengthen certain muscle groups and forget about ones like the hip adductors (inner thighs), which really need some love and attention to help improve posture, address back, hip, knee and foot pain. 



Combo Inner Groin Stretch with Exercise Ball + Squat

This is an advanced exercise that requires good balance, lower body strength, body awareness, good posture, and most importantly, coordination. Good to those trying this challenge.

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