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Injury prevention & Education

  • Educate clients about their injury

  • Understand proper biomechanics (how your body moves) to prevent re-injury.

  • Posture re-education

  • Sports psychology: overcoming psychological barriers caused by injury.

  • Sports nutrition when increasing physical activity.

  • Activity specific rehab programs customized to needs of patient.

Flexibility Programs

Stretching is equally important as pain managment at the beginning of your injury rehab to minimize your down time from work or activities.  Understanding how your body feels, what's a good pain vs a bad pain, and understanding where your body needs care and focus. It helps the patient to feel independent and have the sense of accomplishment by restoring mobility a little bit every day.


Regaining muscular strength is nothing unless you have full range of motion to perform strength training exercises. Stretching is safe to do on a daily basis and multiple times in a day.

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Proprioception Programs

When injury occurs, our body protects/splints itself from harm. In doing so, our spatial awareness fails to provide us with the appropriate reflexes/reactions in our daily routines.


Retraining your body to react and adjust to various stimuli reduces the length in recovery with focus on balance and core strength.


Balance exercises can be used for a variety of injuries and conditions to improve overall function.

Resistance Training

Your body will protect itself by limiting range of motion with scar tissue patching the microtearing to the affected area. The strength and mobility you had before injury will take some time to restore.


We work one-on-one and side-by-side with patients making sure they understand how to perform the exercises required to improve their injury. Your athletic therapist will be there to correct your technique but also workout with you for motivation and understand that we're working together to get you better. 

Custom Home Programs

Guided fitness rehab programs specific to each patient's goals and needs.


Essential to you injury recovery speeding up recovery time following specific stretches and exercises chosen by your athletic therapist to be performed on specific days. 


Your home program is designed to give your body adequate rest and recovery time to achieve strength and mobility continuing your progression at your next appointment.

400+ YouTube Videos

Watch certified athletic therapist Melissa Deonaraine walk you through various stretches and exercises.


Great resource if you have questions about techniques.

Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)

Part of stage 2 rehab program progressing patients to be better, smarter and stronger than before their injury.  SAQ includes dynamic exercises meant to challenge patients in various planes resulting in having more power and strength.


Your athletic therapist will decide whether this is something appropriate for your injury recovery based on your goals, lifestyle, age, health, mobility and functionality.

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