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Common Types of Bandages & How to Apply

For easy viewing, all blue spots indicate where the bandage will be applied. 

How to Remove Tape Without Damaging Skin

We've all heard the saying, "rip it off like a band-aid." Let's leave it as a saying and remove tape/adhesive products off skin without damaging tissue. Being in pain doesn't make you better or tougher compared to everyone else. If you take good care of your belongings, they'll last longer. Same thing goes for your body. 

Pain-Free Tape Removal

We live in a period where we've got a lot of fancy tools to help us get tasks done with ease. Work smart and not hard, use the proper tools to get the job done. 

How to Reduce Irritation from Back of Shoes

There are way more efficient ways to manage things like skin irritation from the back of your shoes than applying a bandage / band-aid. 

Lacing Techniques based on your Foot Type

Well folks, there is definitely more than one way to lace your shoes. I've had to modify some of these lacing techniques in the clinic depending on the individual's footwear (thickness of socks and type of shoe).

Do this if You have Narrow Heels

Check this video out if you struggle with your heels slipping out of the back of your shoes. 

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