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The content below is not meant to replace assessments and diagnoses from trained medical professionals. The content being shared is a visual resource that compliments custom home programs created by certified athletic therapist, Melissa Deonaraine CAT(C), for patients whom she has physically assessed and treated in clinic. Always check with your medical provider before trying content found on the internet is safe for you to try. 


Foot & Ankle

Contrast Bath

Contrast bathes aren't loved by many but they are highly effective speeding up recovery to wrists, hands, fingers, thumbs, ankles, feet, and toes. Thankfully you're not stuck doing it for a long period of time.


Before trying something like this, make sure you're working a medical professional to make sure this is okay to do. Individuals who have allergies or sensitivities to cold may not be able to tolerate this cryotherapy technique and have to try something else instead. 

Combo Calf Stretch

The calf muscle is known as the GS Complex. The muscle most people know by name is gastrocnemius (or gastocs) which is the most superficial layer. The tricky one that most people aren't aware of is, soleus, a flat large muscle that is directly deep to the gastrocs muscle.  


This is such a great stretch beside you can feel it targeting so many angles of muscle fibers. 

Increasing Ankle Mobility

This is my "go-to" stretch if I'm out for a run and I'm starting to feel tightness in my feet or lower legs. What's nice about this dynamic stretch is that you don't have to completely stop to perform the stretch and it doesn't take much time to complete. 

For best results, try performing this stretch in proper supported shoes such as runners. 

Tibialis Anterior Stretches

Try these stretches to help with shin splints and other lower leg tightness. Stay away from these stretches if you have difficulties in a deep knee bend position. 

Why Ankle Sprains Happen

Spraining your ankle is fairly common. Many people aren't aware that they've even sprained their ankle until having an orthopedic assessment by a medical professional. Watch this video to learn more about your ankles. 


Best way to take care of your body is understanding how it functions. Then you can figure out where to go from there. 

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