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What is (modern) cupping massage?

(Modern) cupping uses a variety of tools such as plastic, plastic + magnetic and/or silicone cups are used to create a vacuum separating the layers of superficial fascia while pulling the skin up into cup.

How does (modern) cupping massage work?

By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping therapy lifts connective tissue, releases, rigid tissue and loosens adhesions. Cupping pulls stagnation, waste, and toxins to the skin level where it can be easily flushed out by the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Cupping techniques bring blood flow and nutrition to stagnant areas. The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing deep relaxation throughout the entire body.


  • Affect deeper tissue

  • Remove fascial restrictions

  • Increase range of motion

  • Helps lower blood pressure

  • May cause the patient to feel tired and sleepy post treatment - take a nap if possible, your body will feel refreshed when you wake up.

Post Treatment Care

1.       Rest / pace physical activity levels.

2.       Hydrate: water, Powerade, Gatorade, coconut water and/or milk.

3.       Reduce timeframe of marks:

  • Traumacare or other homeopathic anti-inflammatory creams

  • Neuro-proprioceptive tape

What are cupping marks?

  • Cupping marks are not bruises from your recent cupping treatment but a release of dead static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogens and toxins pulled to the skin’s surface by cupping application.

  • Marks last 1 - 14 days depending on severity of injured area(s).

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Does it hurt to try cupping massage? 

There are two types of plastic cups used for treatment. The medical grade plastic cup generally causes the patient to experience a sensation similar to a clothespin pinching your skin. The second type is a silicone cup that is light to touch when applied to the body and especially to the face.

Can I exercise after a cupping treatment?

It is best to rest your body after receiving any cupping application as each person responds differently. Should an individual choose to exercise following treatment involving cupping, more than normal fatigue may be present and may compromise that individual during intense physical activity.

Why do dark markings show up after cupping?

Cupping marks are not bruises but a release of dead static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogens and toxins pulled to the skin’s surface by cupping application. Once brought to the surface they can more easily be flushed away with other manual therapies. These marks can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks and not tender to the touch. As treatments continue, the marks will occur less and less from removal of toxins in the body.

How long do cupping marks last?

Cupping marks may take up to 24 - 48 hours before markings are visible on skin which may last on average from 1 - 8 days.

Do cupping marks hurt?

Some areas may be tender or sore post treatment depending on the cupping application achieving desired effects such as deep tissue massage.

Will there be markings after cupping application on my face?

  • Facial techniques use gentle pressure limiting redness to the patient's face. 

  • Should redness present on the patient's face, apply cold face cloth to face for 2-5 minutes. 

  • Take a face cloth, soak with cold water or place in freezer to chill then apply to face. 

  • Do not exceed 5 minute recommendation, however cold compress can be applied once per hour during first 24 hours.

What to expect after cupping massage?

Cupping may produce strong effects on the sensory nerves causing the following but not limited to: fatigue (worn down) and emotional changes. Adequate hydration is necessary along with pacing activity due to possible strong sedation effect.

What to do after treatment:

  • Rest / pace physical activity levels.

  • Hydrate: water, Powerade, Gatorade, coconut water and/or milk.

  • Reduce time frame of marks:

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