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Person stretching hamstring in front of laptop on the ground

Helping Patients Achieve Independence

Creating videos was not in the game plan when Melissa started her private practice. Initially, Melissa started recording videos for stretches and exercises to help a few patients who were struggling to understand the techniques and didn't want to use up valuable in-clinic time. Since then, Melissa has created and posted over 400 videos on her YouTube channel (Academy Athletic Therapy Inc. or @athletictherapymel) educating many people on their body and how to stay active.


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Why Stretching Matters

Watch to find out what you can you do and have a resource to help guide you on managing ADHD, depression, anxiety, improve school grades, brain functioning, menopause, etc. 

What Areas Are You Needing Help With?

Click on the images below to access stretching techniques for the body part selected.

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