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Conditioning in Hot Weather

It can be a killer on your body when training outdoors during a heat wave. Plan your training sessions and locations to be appropriate for the weather and temperature. 


Scroll down to find more detailed recommendations from academic journals on fluid replacement, conditioning in hot water, and other heat related subjects. 

Cooling Down Your Body When Overheated

Spending time outdoors during hot weather is the best part of summer especially for those who live in climates where the weather changes periodically. 


Busy days happen where you forget to be on top of taking care of your body during heat waves. Individuals in the young adult to middle age are generally able to manage with heat but not so much when it comes to babies, young children, the elderly, certain medical conditions, and individuals taking certain medications that may limit the body from being able to cool down on their own. 

Why Drinking Too Much Water Can be Bad For Your Body 

Didn't think you'd ever stumble onto something like that but it's true that drinking too much water is bad for your health. Our bodies are mainly composed of at least 70% water but our bodies need to stay in homeostasis to function on a daily basis. 


This may end up being a medical emergency depending on how much water has been consumed. Take note of  the temperature, how you're feeling, how much fluids are entering and exiting your body. 

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