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All-Sport Insurance

Most provincial Sport Organizations through Sport Manitoba provide insurance coverage included in their membership fees. 

All Sport Insurance REQUIRES the following prior to claim submission:

  1. A prescription from a medical doctor prior to treatments.

  2. Primary insurance provider must be used FIRST prior to claims with All Sport Insurance.

  3. Claims must be submitted to All Sport Insurance within 90 days of injury.

  4. A medical doctor must have completed an assessment of the claimant's injury within 30 days of accident.

Links of sports that are eligible for Athletic Therapy coverage:

Please note that these provincial sport organizations (PSO) may change or remove insurance coverage from their programs. Check with the executive director (ED) for your sport organization to confirm coverage, insurance details, eligibility requirements and reimbursement.

Sport icons

Badminton Manitoba                                                  Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports

Baseball Manitoba                                                       Manitoba Soccer Association

Basketball Manitoba                                                    Manitoba Water Polo

Football Manitoba                                                        Racquetball Manitoba

Gymnastics Manitoba                                                  Rhythmic Gymnastics Manitoba Inc.

Hockey Canada                                                             Ringette Manitoba

Hockey Manitoba                                                         Softball Manitoba

Manitoba Amateur Wrestling Association                Swim Manitoba

Manitoba Cycling                                                         Taekwondo Manitoba 

Manitoba Horse Council **                                          Triathlon Manitoba

Manitoba Lacrosse                                                        Volleyball Manitoba

BFL CANADA Risk & Insurance Services Inc. Insurance **

All-Sport Insurance not available for direct-billing

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