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The content below is not meant to replace assessments and diagnoses from trained medical professionals. The content being shared is a visual resource that compliments custom home programs created by certified athletic therapist, Melissa Deonaraine CAT(C), for patients whom she has physically assessed and treated in clinic. Always check with your medical provider before trying content found on the internet is safe for you to try. 


Core & Spine

Back & Hip Floor Exercises

Here are some basic exercises to strengthen the posterior (back side) muscles of your back and hips. Only move within ranges you can tolerate, that doesn't mean you do nothing and have a nap on the floor. 


Here's an exercise many folks have seen or tried who are confident that they know what they're doing. My job is to help improve your mobility and function. Swinging your limbs or moving excessively (sometimes with a lot of force), you're not actually targeting the muscle groups of the exercise you were performing (this is applicable to pretty much all exercises in my opinion). My reasoning is that you're cheating to perform what that exercise by using supporting muscles. 

Exercise Ball Planks

Not everyone is a fan of planks. Maybe you get bored or don't feel challenged. Check out these videos for variations on how to use that exercise ball collecting dust in your basement. 




Core strength is import for functionality. Weak abdominal muscles can lead to having poor posture, for more videos on abdominal crunch variations, check out Melissa's YouTube channel. Click subscribe to get the latest updates and videos



How to Properly Sit on an Exercise Ball

Sitting seems like it should be something simple, right? Well you'd be amazed at how wonky people will sit on an exercise ball. Learning how to properly sit on an exercise ball will help with body positioning for other exercises whether using an exercise ball or not.


Poor posture / body positioning results in less than expected results with your body. Being comfortable seated on an exercise ball will help improve your confidence while focusing on your fitness program. 

Ab Side Crunch on Exercise Ball

Abdominal side crunches are another core exercise to use but women may want to take note that working the muscles on  the side of your torso may reduce your curves. Like most things, if you want to try this exercise out then try not to do it as often.

Abdominal Exercise Ball Pass Over

Here's an exercise that adds instability despite lying on the floor. Adding an unstable apparatus such as an exercise ball can add instability and activate receptors on your body to improve body awareness. 

Keep your body flat against the ground the entire exercise.

Spinal Ball Twist Exercise

This exercise is a nice progression after you've mastered the exercise above. Don't worry if it feels like you're not moving much, as you complete the reps and sets from your home program, you'll notice that you've regained mobility in those stiff hips and low back. 

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