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women exercising while holding dumbbells in fitness class

Hand & Wrist

The content below is not meant to replace assessments and diagnoses from trained medical professionals. The content being shared is a visual resource that compliments custom home programs created by certified athletic therapist, Melissa Deonaraine CAT(C), for patients whom she has physically assessed and treated in clinic.


Always check with your medical provider before trying content found on the internet is safe for you to try. 


Dumbbell Wrist Exercises

Many folks chuckle when they see us grabbing the 1 or 2  pound dumbbells for exercises in the clinic. When it comes to injury rehab, we have to reduce the stress on the system to build up endurance and strength. 

Hand & Finger Exercises with Hand Putty

You can try this with regular putty from the dollar store, etc.  but keep in mind that you won't be able to increase intensity of the exercise. 

Remember that just because something appears to be simple on here doesn't mean that it's easy to perform when it's your turn. 

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