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Prophylactic Taping

Athletic taping an injured area can help to reduce movement in painful ranges while allowing an individual to continue with their activities (within reason) with less discomfort.

Depending on the type of injury, athletic taping may be superior to wearing a pre-fabricated brace by having a snug fit against your body shape and size, additional layers of tape strengthen area being supported and easy to fit under equipment and tight footwear. 

Neuro-Proprioceptive (NP) Taping

Neuro-proprioceptive taping can be used as an aid providing support to the patient between treatment sessions; allowing the patient to focus on performing daily activities and their home rehab program(s) with minimal restrictions.

  • Applications can be used to activate, relax, or reduce swelling to soft tissue.

  • The NP tape stays on your body for ~ 3-5 days of relief and/or support for the patient.

  • NP tape is made of cotton with minimal sensitivity to adhesive, durable, and water resistant. Please advise your athletic therapist of any skin sensitivities - a clear film barrier is applied to the area being treated to reduce the likelihood of any skin irritation.

What to do after receiving NP taping

  • Effectiveness of the NP tape will reduce with extended wear time. Patients usually feel less support days 3-5.

  • No issue getting the NP tape wet but may wet your clothing depending on how much tape is applied to your skin.

  • If the tape starts peeling at the edges, use scissors to trim the edges (we want round edges to prevent peeling of the tape. A flat (straight) edge is easier to brush against clothing, etc. causing the tape to peel).

Post treatment care:

  • Pat tape dry with towel after bath / shower.

  • Keep oils and lotions away from NP tape to prevent a break down the tape's adhesive.

  • Use adhesive remover like Mueller Tape and Tuffner Remover to take off tape without damaging skin. Scroll down below to watch how simply it is to remove any adhesive tape with the right tools.

  • Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Please inform treating therapist.


Supportive Wrapping

Supportive wrapping can be used during various stages of the patient's injury rehab depending on the presentation of their injury (swelling and bruising (contusions), affected area(s), and functionality.

  • Can be applied on top of the patient's clothing or directly against their skin.

  • Supplies used for support may be a tensor, groin wrap, athletic tape, elastic tape and/or dense foam.

  • The athletic therapist will show the patient how to apply supportive wrapping for daily use to manage their pain while improving overall mobility and function.

How long can I wear neuro-proprioceptive tape?

Tape can stay on the skin between 3 - 5 days.

I don't feel like the tape is doing anything.

That's the beauty of this support, the neuro-proprioceptive tape is meant to be applied in a way that allows the wearer to continue with their daily activities with little to no discomfort depending on the purpose of the application.

Can  I get the neuro-proprioceptive tape wet?

Yes, individuals wearing KTape, Leukotape, and other brands can be worn on the skin, submerged in water without coming off. Remember when drying after a bath, shower and/or swim to pat the area dry. Rubbing  a towel near the ends of the tape may pull away the tape from the skin.

What happens if my skin feels itchy wearing the neuro-proprioceptive tape?

Please inform your therapist before taping application of skin sensitivities as there are sensitive skin taping supplies used to reduce skin irritation. Most tapes are labeled as "hypoallergenic," however patients may have reactions.


Should the skin become itchy after application and/or wearing, please inform the athletic therapist and remove tape from your skin. Allow the skin to breathe for 1 - 3 days depending on the severity of the irritation.

How do I remove neuro-proprioceptive tape?

Option 1.

Apply tape remover (Mueller Tape and Tuffner Remover or Cramer Tape Remover) covering the surface area of tape. Allow tape remover to sit for 30 seconds before peeling tape away from skin. Make sure to use in well vented area. Aerosol product superior with removal time and ease vs. non-aerosol product which tends to require repeat applications for tape removal. Re-apply as needed until tape and residue are removed.


**NOTE: apply firm pressure with hand on skin adjacent to area with tape. Continue to hold pressure while using other hand to peel tape in opposite direction.


Option 2.   

Soak tape in water (easiest to do in bath or shower). Then using technique listed in the above "note" to remove tape. 


Option 3.   

Cover surface area of tape with baby oil. Allow baby oil to sit for 5-10 minutes before removing tape with proper tape removal technique listed above in "note." Re-apply baby oil as needed until tape and residue are removed.

Taping Resources

Taking care of your body doesn't have to be painful when you have the proper tools. 

Keep your skin intact by using a tape cutter to slice through the athletic tape  for removal.

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